Mahika Arya

“I learned to own the things that I love.”

Mrs. Alicia Kerr

“Most people do not know that I used to be a performer for children’s birthday parties. It was about six or seven years ago. My husband and I were saving for a house … and for a wedding. My friend sent me an ad for being a princess and I realized this is actually a really good job. So, I ended up applying and I sent in my application and a headshot … I had a Skype interview … and then an audition. I had a training for magic, face painting and balloon animals, how to put on a wig and adjust your costume … we always wore a wig. It was a fun way to spend time with kids on the weekend. What I love most about little kids is they believe it wholeheartedly. They may want to talk to you about the movie, about the other characters, singing your songs. [I think the best part was] enjoying time with really little kids and just seeing them so unbelievably happy. I did a lot of Elsa, a lot of Ariel and Cinderella. We would do different characters for … birthdays, sometimes corporate events … like Google. [This job] really helped me to be more bold with being honest about the things that I loved. I think sometimes people feel too confined by the fear that they’re not going to look cool or fit in. That makes me really sad because if I had felt that way … I would have missed out on something great.”

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