Mahika Arya

“Adoption is worth it.”

James Harari

Mr. James Harari

“On Aug. 28, 2018, she was born in Vancouver, Washington. We met the birth mom three hours before the baby was born. We spent two days in the hospital, and then two more days until all the paperwork was cleared. So … we drove back here … we’re still in contact with the birth mom, and every couple of months, we text her some pictures of the baby. Actually, we started trying to adopt about three years before it actually happened. We worked with one adoption agency … but in the middle, this agency declared bankruptcy. We [were] matched twice with [lawyers], and twice it fell through. We lost time toward our ultimate goal of adopting, you go through the emotional ringer, and you also lose money in this process. But now, when I get home from school, Gabriella is excited to see me and is all smiles; it’s really a fantastic feeling. I think the birth mom is happy to know us and to have some access to the baby. We’re in a position to provide [Gabriella] opportunities that she wasn’t going to be able to do on her own. It’s like nothing I’ve ever been through before. But it’s totally worth it.”

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