Aria Khalique

“Do something you’re passionate about.”

Erin Ku

“I met this lady named Vera Ciametti. She’s the director of Ruby’s Place, and they’re the first fundraiser that we started with. But then I realized that there’s a way larger group of women in need in the Bay Area. Then I saw it because, you know, San Ramon is like a bubble. We just care about our GPA’s. And I would think that literally 20 or 30 minutes away, there are homeless people on the streets. And a lot of them are women. And so I reached out to different Nor-Cal organizations. The Uplift Series is a series of fundraisers. There are five of them and each of them is partnered with an organization in the Bay Area that cares to a different cause for women in need. The first fundraiser, we raised $2,500. Then, we did a hygiene drive with UNICEF and CSF and there were over 100 donations. I think the one thing to say is … just do it, do something that you’re passionate about.”

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