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New propositions on housing and taxes arise

Prop 1: Affordable housing

  • Would set aside $1 billion for veteran housing
  • Would provide subsidized housing for low income
  • Would fund projects for development in rural and urban areas

Prop 2: Homeless housing

  • Would pay back $2 billion in long term for housing projects for the homeless
  • Money would come from 2004 taxpayers’ collection
  • Would work to fix mental health institutions in state

Prop 3: Water supply

  • $8.9 billion would be borrowed to fund numerous water projects statewide
  • Would aid rural areas and farmers for cheaper water supplies
  • Would cost over $17.9 billion in total

Prop 4: Children’s hospitals

  • Would borrow $1.5 billion for improvement of children’s hospitals
  • Would work to improve conditions of hospital and fix infrastructure

Prop 5: Property tax break for older homeowners

  • Would offer tax break to homeowners 55+ years  old
  • Would shrink property tax values in general
  • Some argue that it would encourage elders to retire more comfortably, making room for young people and families to live in more affordable housing

Prop 6: Repealing California’s gas tax

  • Would repeal gas tax enacted in 2017
  • Many say it would be a necessary evil to build revenue for bridges and infrastructure
  • People say it would levy burdens on working class

Prop 7: Daylight savings

  • Would implement year-round daylight savings time in California
  • Some say that it would improve health of people and maintain schedules

Prop 8: Profits at kidney dialysis center

  • Would push for profit dialysis centers to raise prices in order to hire more staff
  • Many argue it would shut down centers and hurt patients

Prop 9: Three Californias

  • Would split California into three states
  • Ruled unconstitutional and removed from ballot

Prop 10: Rent control

  • Would limit local towns to have rent control
  • Would repeal 1995 law in place for rent control

Prop 11: Rest breaks for ambulance workers

  • Would place ambulance workers on call, even on mandatory breaks
  • Some argue that it would restrict responders’ abilities and overwork them as a whole

Prop 12: Animal confinement

  • Would add clarification to 2008 proposal
  • Would establish clear lines for animals boundaries in cages

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