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  • // Miguel Dickenson

  • // Miguel Dickenson

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People: Malavika Divakar and Chilsea Wang

Grade: 10th

Where: Peet’s



Malavika: “7.5”                                       

Chilsea:Definitely a 10”


Most Awkward moment:

Malavika: “There were a few times when we ran out of conversation, but I think we picked it up really quickly. And not anything specific. And when we did run out of conversation, we looked at each other and laughed.”

Chilsea: “I think being awkward is part of LGBT culture, so we were both pretty awkward but we laughed it off.”


Initial Thoughts:

Malavika: “I was a little nervous, not going to lie.”

Chilsea: “I was definitely nervous, but I heard that she agreed to do this at the last minute so I figured she must be at least decent.”


Favorite Moment:

Malavika:  “We’re similar people, so I think we related to a lot of stuff, especially when it came to us both being the older sister. We had a lot to complain about our siblings.”

Chilsea:  “We talked about a lot of school topics but it was really funny.”


Would you go on a date with this person again:

Malavika: “We talked about a lot of school topics but it was really funny.”  

Chilsea: “Probably.”


Did you know about this person beforehand:

Malavika: “No.”                                               

Chilsea: “No.”


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