People: Abhimanyu Dhanwantri and Katie Eng

Grade: 11
Where: Peet’s Coffee


Him:  7.5 — “It did not feel like [a] date — it felt like two friends catching up for coffee.”

Her: 6.5 — It was fun to catch up, after not talking for a very long time, but it wasn’t anything ‘date-worthy’.


Most Awkward moment:

Him: We paused when we lost something to talk about, we did talk about school and what we wanted to do after.                                     

Her: Just in the beginning when we were trying to have a commonality in conversation, it was awkward but we quickly picked up and started talking about school.


Initial Thoughts:

Him: I thought what happened, happened, it was just a conversation because I have not spoken to her for a long time, people in general, meeting up as a date is not their thing anymore, you normally get to know them first. I was kind of nervous because I was late.

Her: I expected to have it be more awkward than it was, it was less awkward because he was a good person and was good at holding a conversation.


Favorite Moment:

Him: We talked about the DMV, because we both had very shitty experiences, people at the DMV hate you and do not want to see you at all, and we also talked about dogs.                                      

Her: It was fun talking about driving with him, because we are both learning how to drive, we also talked about our pets and our love for animals.


Would you go on a date with this person again:

Him: I mean sure, it would not be a date, but more like friends. We moreso found stuff to talk about than finding common ground amongst ourselves.                                   

Her: Sure, maybe not as a date but more so as friends catching up, he was very interesting and fun to talk to.


Did you know about this person before hand:

Him: We spoke once freshman year, and before that third grade …. They were in my second grade class and my friend Marcus was her friend as well.                                

Her: Yes, we were in the same second grade class, I was mean to him, I was a mean child and did not respect other people, but I learned from my mistakes and now am a better person.


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