Junior Class

Junior Class



Lily Hobson: Junior Class President

Lily Hobson sees a change that she wants to make and believes you should vote for her as Junior Class President. Lily hopes to make the school environment more comfortable, and make leadership events more organized. She believes she deserves your vote because she wants to be your voice. Lily wants you to know that if you vote for her, things will get better.


Ann Jeon: Junior Class President

Ann Jeon has been in leadership since freshmen year, believes herself to be approachable and is passionate about getting students more involved in leadership events. While serving on the Rally Committee, she embarked to get school and class spirit up. Ann hopes to offer a fresh new perspective to the role of Junior Class President and is running on a platform of “celebrating the diversity of the class of 2019”. Ann promises to make sure all voices are heard and take all ideas into consideration.


Christine Aredo: Junior Class Vice President

Junior Class Vice President hopeful Christine Aredo believes that her experience as a class officer her freshman and sophomore years qualify her to be the incoming junior class’ next vice president. She hopes to change how the class bonds and wants to increase involvement and participation in events to unify her class. Because she is running unopposed, she is pretty likely to win the election and serve as an excellent Junior Class Vice President.


Grace Choe: Junior Class Secretary

Organization-aficionado Grace Choe brings a fresh new perspective into leadership, a group that she considers relatively isolated from the rest of the student body. Grace promises to listen more to the student body. She wants to improve the campus environment saying, “I just want to create an environment where people don’t feel lonely or have the feeling of “survival of the fittest”. I want to be caring and listening and create the most comfortable environment we have at Dougherty— people already dread just being at school so I want them to be able to enjoy it.”


Ashna Valia: Junior Class Secretary

Vying for the spot of Junior Class Secretary, Ashna Valia believes that she is qualified because of her experience in leadership and her involvement in numerous major projects during her time in the class. She wishes to recognize the voices of all students of her class. Her experience in leading others is what she believes will make her a good secretary for the upcoming junior class.

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