I do not regret a single minute spent in the studio

Joshua Migrditchian

“I do not regret a single minute spent in the studio”

Matthew Chan: “Since I was six, Kung Fu was a constant in my life. At the end of it all, I would simply forget everything that happened because of each and every day of training that Kung Fu has done for me. I’ve been going to “Kung Fu Dragon USA” which is mainly located in Pleasanton for all of my years in martial arts, and a lot has changed since the first time I walked into that studio. 

Over time, this activity slowly became something tedious at the end of my day that my parents would make involuntary, to something that I could truly find character, balance, and passion in. It was almost a seamless transition, but it eventually happened. 

However, all of those sessions wouldn’t be a thing without memories. Over these six years, I’ve almost acquired my black belt, met many amazing people I talk to regularly, won a class squatting competition in one sitting which was 531 times, and I’ve spent over 150 hours of my life helping people unlock this passion that I have. In complete honesty from the beginning, I do not regret a single minute spent in the studio, because of how much every single one of them has done for me right now.”

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