“It’s really satisfying to learn and play new songs with others”

Caleb Chia: “I’ve been playing the guitar for about one year now. I was initially inspired by YouTube tutorials, and it seemed fun to learn new pieces. And though I had played the violin for four years prior to learning guitar, I just felt that the guitar was just right for me and I really liked the sounds I could create. Also, my dad and my brother play the guitar, so I guess it runs in the family.

Even though I knew a bit of the basics of playing string instruments, it still took me a while to get used to playing the guitar. It took a lot of perseverance, as at first my fingers would get a lot of calluses because of the guitar string, and I would have to push through it. But eventually I persevered through and now I’m comfortable with performing for my family and friends.

I play with a band with my friends and we perform for our church, and though it was a little tough to get used to it, it’s pretty fun to jam with others. Overall, it’s really satisfying to learn and play new songs with others.”

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