“We hope to educate more people about Hinduism and counter any misconceptions people might have”

Amiya Sheshadri: Last year, I had power walking with Shreya Maheshwari, and she was talking about this organization called Hindu Student Council. Before her, I never heard of this, so I was very intrigued because she was talking about how they’re more catered to young people. And at one point, they were doing a meeting in Sunnyvale, and she invited me and said, ‘Let’s just go and  check it out.’ And on the way back, we had already decided that we were going to start a chapter at DV, since it was so nice meeting everyone else and there’s so many resources from the organization. 

Our main goal as a club is that we’re trying to create a Hindu community at our school. Especially at our school, where there’s such a large Hindu population, we still tend to not talk about or consider ourselves as a community. So we hope to create this community and provide people with the resources to take the community with them to college. So far, we did a small Diwali potluck during lunch and had everyone bring food and sweets. We’re planning on doing more events as our club progresses.

What I’m most excited for is our Holi event, which is coming up on March 19. Holi is a Hindu festival known for its vibrant colors that people throw at each other playfully, so we hope to bring friends and family together with that. We also want people to know more about the origin of Holi through our event. The festival serves as a welcoming of spring and the harvest, but there are also mythological stories behind Holi, such as the story of Holika Dahan and the love between Lord Krishna and Radha. We’re excited for people to have a great time dancing and having good food.”

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