Saanvi Haridas

Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte – 3/10

The Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte definitely left a deep impression on us: a bad one. Despite the cheery and festive sprinkles on top, both the hot and cold versions of the drink were disappointing. The cold latte had a flat almond milk flavor with a pinch of sugar and a lingering aftertaste that reminded us of the taste of Play-Doh. The hot version had an uninviting, strongly artificial smell of a holiday spice. However unpleasant, the smell did not prepare us for the burnt, bitter and yet somehow plain taste of the drink. Both versions featured an overpowering almond milk flavor, yet they lacked entirely in the sugar cookie aspect of the drink. For regular almond milk consumers, the cold version isn’t bad. It tastes like an almond milk latte. Still, it did not live up to our high hopes as the only vegan holiday drink on the menu. We do not recommend ordering this drink, hot or cold. We rate the drink both hot and cold a 3/10.


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