Ayesha Parekh

“Jewelry either makes or breaks an outfit”

Ayesha Parekh: “I started Belle Bling Jewelry because I am a huge jewelry fanatic. I started it during [2022] Valentine’s Day season in freshmen year. Jewelry can go with any outfit you plan; like a hoodie and sweats with hoops. Basically, jewelry either makes or breaks an outfit. I used to go to stores and look at their pieces, [thinking] ‘this is so expensive.’ I wanted to make my own jewelry affordable and more accessible to everyone. So if you go to a store and see a pair of hoops for $5, you can buy a bunch of my rings for around the same price. Everything is also customizable, so it can match everyone’s outfits and personal choices.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep or I am daydreaming in class, I think of different ideas for my pieces. While working once, I thought of a new idea for a ring I had already. I took a break to make it and it actually turned out great. I don’t design [my pieces] online, it’s all in my head. And when I have time, I test it out to see if it actually works.”

I have a new bracelet coming out soon and I’m planning on doing a photoshoot with someone, so I’m excited!”

@belleblingjewelry on instagram

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