Madame Moriya

“Style [is the] way you present yourself to the world, [it’s] a form of art”

Madame Moriya: “[It] doesn’t mean a certain formula, but I definitely think it’s cool to just care about you, not in a materialistic sense or like a vain sense, but the way you present yourself to the world is one form of art. The [fashion] culture [in France] is very strong and you [can tell], because there are books and articles written on like ‘How to Dress Like a French Woman’, ‘French Style Tips’, ‘How To Look Parisian’, and it’s because there’s such a strong emphasis on certain ways of life that are, but if you ask a true French person, ‘How do you [aquire the] Parisian look?’, they can’t even explain it. It is so cultural. It’s a custom that you get dressed and you look nice. To me, style isn’t necessarily looking a certain way or [wearing] certain colors but you feeling good in what you’re wearing. I think it’s really cool whether it’s like you’re wearing thrifted clothes or something your mom had or something you bought at Target, a mall, or online. I have a few different nice shoes [and] accessories. [If] I don’t feel like [wearing] accessories, then you layer on some more clothes. It’s so easy to get dressed and it feels so good to get dressed in things that I bought with care.”

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