Shreya Sripada

“I like the teamwork needed, the creative problem solving process, the innovative solutions, and capturing the simplicity of mechanics”

Shreya Sripada: “I had been exposed to drones and other robots through the STEM club in my middle school and was very interested in learning more, so I signed myself up for robotics. My favorite part of robotics is being able to work with some of the most amazing people I’ve met on a project in which we have a common goal. [Recently], one of my bigger accomplishments was in my freshman year when I co-captained an all-girls team, when previously there weren’t enough girls to even make an entire time. We qualified to Nationals through our hard work, and I loved the feeling of earning it that came with it. At the Nationals tournament after a long day of competing, the tournament hosted a party for the competitors. They brought food, large bounce houses, and virtual reality games… it’s a memory I look back on fondly.  I plan on continuing robotics… in college through an engineering major. I hope to get involved in research or projects that could expose me to more applicable robotics in the real world that could help people’s lives.”

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