Running makes me feel free

Kirsten Chan

“Running makes me feel free”

Kirsten Chan: “I started running freshman year, as I decided to try out for DV’s cross country team for fun. Being a newbie, I got injured quickly, so for the first couple of races I was unable to compete. But when my injury cleared up, I was good and began running again! Besides having fun, I didn’t really have any specific goals in mind back then. In my sophomore year, I carried the same mindset as my freshman year, but I realized that I had actually gotten a bit faster, and toward the end of my sophomore year, I had made my way up to varsity, and I began competing in races such as the North coast section championships! At this point, I realized I loved running because I also found my family through it. My love of running led me to join track as well, and I became even closer to my friends because we had all trained together. Due to COVID, junior year races were quite different, but it brought my team and I closer together because we always used to hang out to train and practice together. Despite COVID, senior year has been my favorite year with running because many restrictions have been lifted and it feels somewhat normal again! It has been fun to reconnect with everyone again through activities like pasta feasts- something I definitely missed my junior year. It feels good to realize that the hard work you are putting in is finally beginning to show, and I can finally see the outcome of what I have been practicing before. It sounds cheesy, but I truly believe that people are capable of improving anything. In my teammates I have found my best friends, people I can rely on to care for me and cherish me. Having friends like these inspires me to do my best, and we are always there for each other. I feel you can’t easily find friendships like this one. My running helps me break out of the bubble of just studying and living in San Ramon.  The workout motivates me to try my best; I’m able to remove all my thoughts and stress, and charge up my body. Running makes me realize how beautiful the world truly is. “

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