“I’m really happy that I could make some people’s lives a bit better.”

Aria Kumar: I’m in leadership and am a part of spirit events, the group that plans Homecoming, our Spring Dance, and other large events for our school. I was actually told not to take leadership before by some of my peers because they would mention how if you don’t know anyone, it’s not fun. But it was too late to change since I had already signed up for it. But honestly, everyone there is really friendly, and they’re all willing to help you. As long as you are comfortable with talking to people or learn to be comfortable with other people, then leadership is actually very chill.

I was so shy when I joined leadership and was such an introvert. I still am an introvert, but leadership has made me learn how to talk to adults and how to manage my time. It requires you to get things done before a specific deadline, and missing it can potentially affect the entire schedule for an event. I was surprised with how many people work together in leadership, especially compared to group projects in school where typically one person is leading. Just learning how to communicate effectively has taught me how I don’t need to shoulder all the responsibilities by myself, as I have people I can communicate with. 

Homecoming was a little stressful for me though, as I definitely overworked myself by working for long hours. I even sprained my wrist after scooping ice cream in this huge frozen tub! And I was especially doing everything in heels, so it was difficult to keep on running around on campus. But I definitely say it’s all worth it. I remember being in utter pain with my heels ingraining to my skin, and just seeing everyone smile made me feel so much better. If they’re happy, I’m happy. It was so fun to just feel everything happening at once and know that you’re a part of something big.

When we cleaned up Homecoming, my team and I felt sad that Homecoming is over because everyone on our team are such go-getters and want to get stuff done. Now our first big event is done, and we’re just looking forward to planning our Spring Dance. As time goes by, you just learn how to make memories and enjoy the experiences you get.

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