Sandhya Anand

“I have been able to use my passion in art to make a difference.”

Sandhya Anand: “I’ve always loved art, ever since I was little I used to go to art classes a lot. And then after COVID happened I stopped, and my art studio shut down. But after not doing art for a while, I found this opportunity to do digital art which I’ve never done before, and I noticed that I was pretty good at it. I started making stickers because I joined the American Cancer Society club at Dougherty, and I needed to raise $100 to send the money to the club. I decided to design, create and sell my own stickers, because I enjoy digital design and I thought it’d be a cool idea. I just go for simple designs and usually like to make it up on the spot. My first stickers were hang loose and peace signs, and I later moved on to more complicated zodiac sign stickers. I even do additional custom orders and send all the profits to the American Cancer Society because cancer research and raising money for cancer research is something that’s been very important to me, so I thought this would be a good way to do it.” 

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