Mia Verlatti

“My best memories are when I’m in front of the camera.”

Mia Verlatti: “I was scouted for the first time when I was seven or eight. I was like ‘Wow, someone sees the potential in me’. I didn’t really think I was pretty at the time when I was at my old school and I was a minority. It was mostly white and I was the only biracial kid. Then when that happened, it made me feel good. They let me model for Ivivva and they actually had me shoot in some of their products. They chose me to be on their ambassador team, and I got to be in their Christmas parade. I had to promote their brand and products, which was really cool! I lost touch with it since then and I haven’t done modeling for so long, I started to get into it last year but this year I’ve kinda taken a break from it. My mental health was deteriorating from quarantine and I don’t think this was the right time for it. Still, I love to model for things and take pictures. My best memories are when I’m in front of the camera, and I feel like I can be myself and express myself.

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