Liping Liu

“When I finish playing a piece successfully I feel proud.”

Emma Wang: “I started playing the oboe in 6th grade and I enjoy playing it because I am able to play different solos and hearing them and being able to be proud of my work. I usually practice about an hour daily on the weekdays, and it is relaxing to not be on the computer and just being able to work on a project, like a piece or solo by yourself. When I was first choosing an instrument to play for band, I had no idea what anything was, so I googled every instrument that was “needed” by the band. I remember for the oboe, it showed a video of a person playing “Swan Lake” by [Pyotr Ilyich] Tchaikovsky and I thought it sounded really good so I just picked oboe. Practicing the oboe becomes more fun when you play something you like, so at the end of each practice session, I usually play a solo that I’ve been working on just to hear it again and enjoy playing it. When I finish playing a piece successfully I feel proud since it is an opportunity to showcase my work and see the end result. I want to get better because I want to continue oboe, maybe not find a career in it, but be able to find something I like hearing and being able to play it.”

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