Victoria Zerbs

“I want to be able to give back to that community.”

Kylie Cheng: “I started [ACS] my sophomore year, which was last year, and I wasn’t a part of the committee or an officer, just a regular team member. Then this year I became an officer and I am the lead of our outreach committee. And that’s given me a lot of opportunities to do more and I’m in charge of our social media, so that’s giving me a platform to produce our own content. And also, this year I started working at and volunteering at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop in Walnut Creek. It is essentially like a thrift store; we collect donated clothing items like kitchenware anything and we sell it for profit for the American Cancer Society, and we only employ volunteers so we can maximize the profit made from the items and all of that goes towards the American Cancer Society and cancer research, etc. My grandfather passed away from lung cancer a few years ago and my grandmother also had breast cancer a while back so both of those have severely impacted me and my family’s life, and I want to be able to give back to that community. Usually, in a normal year, we have our Relay for Life event but this year since COVID, we aren’t able to do that but we still have our fundraising page. So if you become a regular club member you can sign up to our page, and just fundraise throughout the year and that’s how you can make the most impact as a regular club member. We have to be more creative with our events so instead of having just one big really for life event in one year we’ve had several smaller ones and they have been really effective in fundraising money. For example, we’ve had our college and career event a few weeks ago, where we had guest speakers come and talk about their careers and how applying to colleges was. And that’s just a way for us to fundraise more money. And we also had game nights where you pay like a specific amount of money to participate and that was able to generate a lot of money too. We have committee meetings every other Monday, and there we really just talk about what we do, because we have several different teams we have five teams and all of us are usually working on different things, but on those Mondays, we come together and we just talk about all we’ve been doing. And it’s just really inspiring to see all of the hard work that everyone in the committee has put into this club.”

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