Agamroop Kaur

“My podcast lets me embrace who I am.”

Agamroop Kaur: “I started my podcast Sophomore year; going through the change of freshmen year to sophomore year was different for me, so I started my podcast off with that and what I was going through. As we got into COVID, my podcast started to become more political. I was paying attention to the current events on the news, and I noticed my perspective was different from other people’s. I wanted to let people have a different perspective backed up by facts and not have it be necessarily one-sided. Additionally, I realized the media did not highlight a bunch of important events which were happening, such as, things happening in Lebanon and India. I wanted my podcast to offer this information to people who wanted to listen. Usually, the response for my podcast has been pretty positive, sometimes people may say that I disagree with you, but I appreciate you saying this – which I really admire. I hope to continue this podcast in the future when I am in college and expand it to reach a further audience!”

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