Alexis Kwon

“Drawing makes me go into my own world.”

Alexis Kwon: “I start drawing for half an hour, an hour, two hours, I don’t really know — I don’t keep track of time when I’m drawing. People see me as an artist, I don’t see myself as one. As much as I don’t see myself not having a career in the arts, I can’t see myself without doing the arts. [Art] isn’t something I can change – it was rooted ever since I was so young. It has rooted so deeply that I can’t pull [art] out anymore. [Drawing] is the only way I can express what I’m feeling at the moment. I can’t write stories like other people, make music out of my feelings – drawing is one of the only ways I can convey my feelings onto something physical. There was a time when I felt uncomfortable talking to people about how I felt and I usually [kept] everything into a bottle until it was filled and I couldn’t do anything else – I only talked when I needed to talk. And art was the only way for me to let out bottled feelings.

Try different things until you find something that clicks inside of you [it] might be singing, making beats, playing an instrument, or just writing and drawing things. Everyone has something they can use to convey their feelings or relieve stress. It might be hard finding it but once you find it, you will be soaring like you never have before.”

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