Kaliyah Nketiah

“You finally do the dance and see how much you’ve improved.”

Kylie Nketiah“I spend a lot of my time dancing, I think I started in the middle of quarantine. There’s this song called “Kick It” by NCT 127, and the dance in there it’s really really cool, so I’ve been trying to like perfect it, I guess. These days, I’m not able to dance as much as I would like to, because I had so much homework to do, but usually I find time during the evening, when I finish my homework. Dancing’s like, extremely creative, and you get to like show off moves. And like, you get to, I guess, express stuff like your body in ways that like you can’t put into like words, if that makes sense. I love the dance to this song, I think it’s from BTS. Oh yeah, “Dynamite” or something like that. Yeah that’s it, I think, yeah, the song is in English, and the dance is really cool. I mainly [dance to] K-pop songs, but I’ve been thinking about trying to find other types of songs. I remember earlier I had like a long list of goals that I had. And I never got to it, and dancing was like, continuing to dance, because I used to dance a lot when I was little, continuing to dance and on top of my list. And since we were really stuck inside our houses. I thought, Oh, this would be a good time to go ahead and start dancing. I guess it’s like the result of how the dance looks like after putting like a bunch of hard work into it. ”

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