Vaishnavi Venuturumilli

“Singing will always be a part of me, and I hope I make others feel the same.”

Vaishnavi Venuturumilli: “I started singing when I was three, but officially when I was eight. When I was a kid, I hated singing; I was more of a dance person. I only enjoyed listening to people sing till my parents put me in the Bhajan troop, which was just a nonchalant thing. I absolutely dreaded going there because around me; people were far more advanced in their vocal techniques than I was. One time I went to my cousin’s function [just a fun event], they had asked me to sing, and I said sure I would; I was so shocked that people had enjoyed my music and enjoyed my voice. This had made my parents put me in vocal [Carnatic] training, which was a form of Indian classical singing. From then on, I started to feel the music I was singing, and I started to bring music to life. I was inspired by looking at those around me; instead of feeling bad about myself,  I felt more motivated to do better.

I joined the Choir in middle school when I was in seventh grade, and I entered high school choir, which I am still a part of. I think it’s great, it’s almost a different experience between the Carnatic experience, and you have a community of people you can rely on. I felt a sense of togetherness when It came to choir, choir opened up different perspectives and kinds of music to me. I additionally made a ton of friends, and those are the friends I can rely on for anything and count on. Joining Choir made me inspired to create my own Instagram account.

I made my Instagram singing account mid freshmen year [@vaishuu.u] just on a whim because everyone else had it. My first post of myself was me singing. While everyone was posting pictures of themselves, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to share my passion, which made me happy on the inside, with everyone. I wanted to inspire other girls to do the same and know that their voice matters. I noticed that many girls had made singing accounts after I did, which made me feel jovial and content because I knew I was not selfish but inspiring. I plan to continue singing my whole life, I cannot live a day without singing, and I don’t know how my life will be without it.”

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