Jennifer Son

“Playing the violin has shaped me to the person I am today, and I think my life wouldn’t have been the same without it”

Jennifer Son: Jennifer Son is currently a junior in Dougherty Valley High school, and one of her main activities is playing the violin. She has been playing the violin since she was young, and throughout those years, she has grown to love music and partake in any musical activities.

Her music career began when she was first exposed to the violin by her brother. 

“When my brother brought home a new violin, he didn’t let me touch the instrument I grew to be extremely jealous of him and begged my mom if I could learn the violin as well,” stated Son.

But not long after, Son quickly picked up the violin and started to play music of her own. 

“When I started learning the violin, I fell in love with the beautiful sounds it created and started watching violin performances on YouTube and practiced for hours. Though it all first started from simple jealousy, I still continue to play the violin because it’s very fun learning classical pieces and creating music with others,” said Son.

Despite the beauties music brings, Son stated that there were a lot of challenges and obstacles she had to face as well. Being a high school student that is simultaneously focusing on her academics and music career, it has been a journey of hard work and perseverance. 

“Sometimes it gets stressful to practice the violin because I am overwhelmed with school work and some pieces are very difficult to learn. 

However, despite the challenges, Son stated how her music has helped her reach a sense of satisfaction with her work by ultimately learning to enjoy music and see it as a reflection of her hard work. 

“After I finish learning a new piece, I feel very accomplished and proud of my hard work. It has shaped me into the person I am today, and I don’t think my life wouldn’t have been the same without it,” said Son.

As of now, Son is continuing to play the violin and is preparing for an unknowing, optimistic future. She is currently enjoying the online DVHS chamber orchestra and is making the best out of it by being a section leader and having school concerts. 

“Playing in the school orchestra was very fun back when we had in-person learning but because everything’s remote now, the class feels more relaxing. Life is unpredictable right now, so I like to focus on music and make the best out of the positives around me,” stated Son.

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