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Confessions: Week 3

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Welcome to the third week of The Wildcat Tribune’s biweekly confessions page! Students anonymously submit to our page through our form and read others’ most fascinating, funny and honest secrets.

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Senior: “I hit the same car twice in the 24 Hour parking lot and watched the person find out.”

Sophomore: “I told my friend a shirt looked tight on her because we had the same one, and i didnt want her wearing it. She hasn’t worn it since.”

Senior: “still madly into the guy that mentally healed me last year but our friendship broke into the summer and i dont know what to do.”

Sophomore: “I spend a majority of my time in all my classes playing Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and go home and study all the stuff I missed.”

Junior: “i have a crush on this guy and instead of doing anything about it, i just listen to songs by taylor swift and think about him.”

Sophomore: “one time i got a b-”

Freshman: “One time I stole a T-Shirt from the leadership room because I was too cheap to pay for it.”

Sophomore: “One time I broke one of the graduated cylinders in Estes’s class, so instead of telling him, I took the broken pieces home in my backpack. There, I used them to make a magnifying glass and then the next day, I returned them to Estes. I don’t know what happened to them again. He probably ate them. Or maybe I did. Does this story even exist?”

Senior: “I leave campus often to go nap and eat lunch in my car when I don’t wanna socialize.”

Sophomore: “i hate dv so much i hate how everyone is so judgmental and judges you on your grades and classes you take rather than on your personality.”

Unknown: “I draw on the desks at school; don’t get me wrong, I know it’s wrong, but I get so bored during class I do it anyway.”

Freshman: “My ‘friend’ back in CORE last year used to cheat all the time on our history tests. My teacher would let us bring our own binder paper to write essays (we usually did know the questions beforehand), and my friend used to bring in binder paper with the prompt already filled out or with other notes on it because they would hate studying and they never payed attention in class. so sad… i know they’re doing the same this year, too.”

Senior: “At Blue Pearl in freshmen and senior year, the music boosters didn’t mark my drink wristband properly. So I ended up getting a 4th drink free.”

Freshman: “I’m subscribed to Pewdiepie, but I don’t smash like or buy the merch or G-Fuel.”

Senior: “one time i was absent for the reason being a sickness, but i wasnt actually sick, i stayed home and studied like a good ** intellectual being.”

Freshman: “One time when I was in second grade I put the dictionary in my backpack and I didn’t realize why it was so heavy till a month later because my jacket always hid the dictionary.”

Freshman: “i feel like my boyfriend and all my friends are embarrassed of me and hate me.”

Sophomore: “I heard that the school pepperoni on the pizzas aren’t actually made from pepperoni animals. Gnarly right?”

Junior: “one time i put a book in ms farias ceiling during class and she didnt notice.”

Junior: “one time I was so sad, but boys can’t cry so I held it 6 hours till I got home and cried so long I literally ran out of tears and was crying dry. Lol finals week :)”

Unknown: “I think my stand partner loves to give me headaches everyday and it pisses me off.”

Senior: “I once saw a girl walk into the 1k bathroom, projectile vomit on the floor and then leave.”

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Confessions: Week 3