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Confessions: Week 1

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Welcome to Dougherty’s very own Confessions page! Students anonymously submit their secrets to our page through our form. We update biweekly with new confessions from students. Want to submit yours? Click here!

10th grader: TBH because of my parents, I don’t really talk too people that’s two or more math levels below me.”

12th grader: “Once I took home a chem final accidentally and I was so scared so after the weekend I snuck it back in the pile of graded tests and I was never caught … but the next week someone took a test home and got a zero.”

11th grader: “I have a crush on this guy, and he doesn’t know it because he is most likely in love with this other girl! Yay!”

11th grader: “I have a crush on like five people but none of them are emotionally stable and they don’t like me anyways so!! It’s fine!!!!!!”

12th grader: “I have not one but two Access passes that I use to get out of fifth period Access sometimes to go home early cause I don’t have a sixth period.”

12th grader: “One time I stole a pencil from the desk I sat at because it was a super good pencil.”

11th grader: “I have a friend who’s rly [sic] getting annoying (she keeps buying Hydroflasks). She’s been doing intimate things with my significant other. This is the second to last straw. :(“

12th grader: “When I was in middle and elementary school I used to take sharpies and books from my teachers and ‘forget’ to return them. I still have colorful Sharpies from fifth grade (sorry Ms. Murphy!).”

12th grader: “One time I let this guy cheat off of me on a test and he got a higher score than me! I’m still really confused.”

12th grader: “Once in Ms. Decker’s class I pretended to read an essay I didn’t even write.”

10th grader: “One time I was talking behind my teachers back only to know he was literally standing behind me.”

11th grader: “One time when I was five, I was fascinated with the mechanics of the toilet; but instead of flushing down toilet paper, I flushed down my mom’s first watch she bought and also an MP3 Player. My parents still don’t know to this day :’)”

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Confessions: Week 1